Adelaide Brighton’s Community Park


Adelaide Brighton Cement is pleased to announce the opening of the multi-purpose Community Park in June 2015, which will provide a dedicated area for play, recreation and dog exercise. The park also incorporates localised flood relief through an engineered designed grassed detention basin that will capture stormwater from Alfred Street during flooding events.

After an extensive process of community consultation, the final design for the park was developed in late 2014, with construction beginning in April 2015.

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The park includes a range of features including irrigated grass recreation lawns, a paved entry plaza, two new shelters, seating and a drinking fountain with dog bowl. Over 2000 new native trees and plants have been planted, with logs and limestone boulders providing a natural edge to the park. There are also a series of new bins and a dog bag dispenser unit.

We recognise that the Community Park is an important piece of open space in the Birkenhead community and we are proud to have created a park that will benefit a wide range of residents. You are welcome to start using the park on or after the opening date.

Please keep the park clean and tidy for everyone to enjoy. Download the community park flyer here.

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Key Features of your Community Park

Underground Drain

Flood waters can enter and exit the basin through a new underground drain extension.

A discharge control pit ensures the basin will only fill during times of flood. As the water level within the street drainage system falls below the water level in the basin, a flap gate within the discharge control pit will open, enabling the water in the basin to return to the street drainage system. Low level rainfall events will not spill into the basin.

Overland Flow Path

In severe flood events, flood waters ponding in the road way can spill into the basin across the footpath.

We would like to thank everyone, particularly residents, who have been involved in the process of developing the Community Park and participated in surveys and a range of meeting and discussions.

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LICENCE RENEWAL – October 2017

Our current Birkenhead EPA licence is due to expire in October 2017. We are currently working with the EPA on new licence requirements, with initial meetings particularly focussing on air quality. As a local resident, we encourage you to let us know how you feel we can improve our new licence conditions. You can provide your feedback via the ‘Contact Us’ page. You can also view our existing licence and initiatives on this site. more >>

Frequently Asked Questions On Health

The Birkenhead plant and the local community have co-existed for over 100 years, with a large number of residents working for Adelaide Brighton Cement and living in the area. The local community often ask questions on the topic of health. We have prepared a list of frequently asked health questions. more >>

The New Environmental Improvement Program

The New Environmental Improvement Program is now available to download. Click through to access the PDF. more >>