Maintenance Shutdown

2017 Annual Maintenance Shutdown

Our annual 2017 maintenance shutdown dates are:

14 March through to the 9 April 2017

Planned routine maintenance activities included the demolition and replacement of refractory linings inside the kiln, preheater towers and general maintenance of associated equipment.

Work conducted included continuously during this period and will involve additional contractors and cranes on site to assist with the maintenance activities.

The following enviromental controls and monitoring that were undertaken during the shutdown:

  • Refractory demolition activities will only be undertaken between 7am - 10pm
  • Continuous noise monitoring
  • ABC staff will regularly check noise emissions from the site

The 2017 Birkenhead shutdown was conducted between 14 March and 9 April 2017, with up to 300 employees and contractors working on a 24/7 basis.

Key Environmental Improvement projects completed in this shutdown included:

  • Annual internal inspections and refurbishment of the three Electrostatic precipitators (stack emissions control equipment)
  • Inspection, balancing and refurbishment of three main plant fans to potentially reduce noise impacts
  • Installation of two newly fabricated large noise abatement silencers of the western side of plant/adjacent Victoria road
  • A comprehensive upgrade of the Clinker Cooler Baghouse Controller system for effective bag cleaning and longer term maintenance performance and an online dynamic particulate broken bag detection system
  • Replacement of all bags with a more durable and thicker pleated bag in the Clinker Cooler Baghouse
  • Infrastructure modifications on both the 4A Bypass and the 4A Gas Conditioning Towers (GCT) to provide for the installation of the new Spray Conditioning Systems
  • Comprehensive refurbishment/improvement of approximately 2.5 kilometres of site conveyors to reduce spillage and the subsequent dust emissions.

Adelaide Brighton has invested more than $2 million in these environmental projects.

Kiln maintenance shutdowns are a critical part of our overall plant performance and reliability. Each year we undergo a month long, major maintenance shutdown at our Birkenhead Plant. During this time we carry out all necessary maintenance to ensure the efficiency of operations.

MaintenanceAs temperatures inside the kiln typically reach 1500 degrees, various components are under enormous strain throughout the year. In between shutdowns we strive to minimise stoppages as part of our broader efforts to reduce any impacts our operations could have on the environment and surrounding communities.

During a shutdown period, we continue to supply product to our customers by producing cement from stockpiles of clinker.

During shutdowns we have a significant influx of contractors to the site - up to 300 at any time. With so many personnel on site, health and safety is a key focus. Any contractor performing duties at the Birkenhead Plant must undergo a safety and environmental induction which ensures all contractors are aware of environmental impacts that might arise during the maintenance shutdown.

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