Slag Raw Material Storage Bunker Completed

A three-sided concrete bunker to store up to 50,000 tons of slag (a raw material additive used in cement) was completed in early 2016. The bunker has a minimum height of 5 metres and is made up of more than 1,500 concrete interlocked blocks.

The Bunker has significantly reduced fugitive dust impacts. The slag is now well contained and not affected by weather conditions, while loading and unloading activities are now conducted within the confines of the bunker.

The bunkering system is also located directly adjacent the slag dryer, which has significantly reduced traffic movements. The entire area is concrete/hard surfaced, which results in less dust from vehicles movements and means the surface can be regularly cleaned by site sweeper.

Slag Raw Material

Resident Representatives Vacancies

The Adelaide Brighton Cement Community Liaison Group is seeking to fill vacancies for five RESIDENT REPRESENTATIVES. Expressions of interest are now sought from residents keen to play an important role on behalf of their community. For more information please follow the link… more >>

Frequently Asked Questions On Health

The Birkenhead plant and the local community have co-existed for over 100 years, with a large number of residents working for Adelaide Brighton Cement and living in the area. The local community often ask questions on the topic of health. We have prepared a list of frequently asked health questions. more >>

The New Environmental Improvement Program

The New Environmental Improvement Program is now available to download. Click through to access the PDF. more >>