The New Environmental Improvement Program (EIP)

In developing this EIP, Adelaide Brighton Cement LTD (ABC) has considered the following in addition to the other relevant meetings and documents:

  • A special residents meeting on the 16th March 2015, at which the community provided input into the key issues to be addressed. At this meeting, an EIP Residents Select Comittee (RSC) consisting of five members, was chosen to work with Adelaide Brighton Cement in the development of the new EIP.
  • Community Liaison Group (CLG) meetings held on 2nd March, 1st June, 7th September and 7th December 2015.
  • EIP development meetings with ABC management, RSC and the EPA on the 11th May, 20th June (site tour), 22nd June, 6th July, 17th August and 16th November 2015.
  • Correspondence/letters to residents, minutes of all meetings (CLGs & EIP development) and emails (filed by ABC).

This EIP, including compliance items, compliance dates and relevant actions was developed in conjunction with the EPA and RSC. Each phase was communicated at the 2015 CLG meetings.

Please click here to download the PDF.

LICENCE RENEWAL – October 2017

Our current Birkenhead EPA licence is due to expire in October 2017. We are currently working with the EPA on new licence requirements, with initial meetings particularly focussing on air quality. As a local resident, we encourage you to let us know how you feel we can improve our new licence conditions. You can provide your feedback via the ‘Contact Us’ page. You can also view our existing licence and initiatives on this site. more >>

Frequently Asked Questions On Health

The Birkenhead plant and the local community have co-existed for over 100 years, with a large number of residents working for Adelaide Brighton Cement and living in the area. The local community often ask questions on the topic of health. We have prepared a list of frequently asked health questions. more >>

The New Environmental Improvement Program

The New Environmental Improvement Program is now available to download. Click through to access the PDF. more >>