Independent Stack Emissions Improvement Study

As part of our Community Liaison Group and EPA endorsed Environmental Improvement Program (EIP), Adelaide Brighton Cement commissioned leading global cement industry technical experts, FLSmidth, to undertake a 'Stack Emission Improvement Study' of all its stack emission control equipment.

A final report with options to reduce stack emissions was submitted to the EPA for assessment and included the expected reduction in particulate emissions of each proposed option, and the projected site reduction in emissions under a series operational conditions.

A series of meetings and presentations were given to the EPA and the Community Liaison Group to communicate the details on the selected options for implementation, the methodology for the selection of the options for implementation and plant trials that were conducted to help validate the final options.

The revised compliance actions now include:

  • A comprehensive upgrade of both the 4A Bypass and the 4A Gas Conditioning Towers (GCT) Spray Conditioning Systems, which is expected to significantly lower sitestack particulate emissions during operation. Relevant infrastructure was installed during the March 2017 annual shutdown, and the project is expected to be completed by October 2017.
  • A comprehensive upgrade of the 4A Clinker Cooler Baghouse Controller and Particulate Detection System, which is expected to lower particle emissions from 4A tower. These improvements will enable bags to be immediately detected and isolated if not performing to standard. It will also allow for the continuous optimisation of the cleaning and monitoring cycles of the bags, which will minimise wear and is expected to lower particle emissions from the 4A tower stack. These projects were completed during the March 2017 annual shutdown.

Community Engagement

Seeking community input in the development of a Community Engagement Plan. As a local resident, we encourage you to let us know how you feel we can improve our community engagement activities. You can provide your feedback via the ‘Contact Us’ page, or alternatively through the resident members of the Community Liaison Group. We also welcome you to review our communication initiatives on this site. more >>

Frequently Asked Questions On Health

The Birkenhead plant and the local community have co-existed for over 100 years, with a large number of residents working for Adelaide Brighton Cement and living in the area. The local community often ask questions on the topic of health. We have prepared a list of frequently asked health questions. more >>

Adelaide Brighton Cement “Women in Industry” Open Day

Adelaide Brighton Cement Birkenhead Plant welcomed 20 female Year 10 students from Mount Carmel College in Rosewater to its inaugural ''Women in Industry'' Open Day, which was officiated by the Hon Susan Close MP, Member for Port Adelaide, Minister for Education and Child Development and Minister for Higher Education and Skills. For more information please follow the link more >>