Adbri Cement Birkenhead January Shutdown for maintenance

Each year we shut operations at our Adbri Cement (Adbri) local South Australian manufacturing facility at Birkenhead to undertake scheduled maintenance and repairs.

Our facility is next scheduled to be shut between 5 January and 9 February, 2024.

During this time, up to 600 engineering and trade contractors will be on site.

Adbri will be investing more than $15 million at our Birkenhead site in Q1 2024.

Shutdowns are essential in ensuring all machinery continues to operate effectively, both in terms of production and environmentally.

Adbri directly employs more than 470 South Australians – and indirectly more than 2000 South Australians.

The maintenance means extra work for many local Port Adelaide contractors.

It also means contractors from other parts of SA (and some from interstate) will be coming to Birkenhead and spending money in the Port Adelaide community on accommodation, restaurants, groceries, recreation etc.

The Shutdown will involve a significant increase in contractors visiting the site each day, which means Elder Road and connected roads will be busier than usual.

Detailed planning has been undertaken to keep any noise disturbance in the local area to a minimum. A noise barrier will be in place during the Shutdown and there is a noise curfew between 10 pm and 7 am.

We have been operating at Birkenhead for 110 years and shutdowns for maintenance are a regular part of operations for Adbri, as they are for other major Australian manufacturing facilities.

For further information, please contact the community hotline: 8300 0520 or email –